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We have 300+ experts on our platform, across verticals, who can help you solve your business problems. Some of them are:


At Voila, we place utmost importance on Customer Experience. Take a look at some feedback from our clients.


Voila is a curated marketplace of Industry experts, across verticals, that can help you find a business expert to help you solve your business challenges through Micro-Consulting.

You can avail 1-on-1 consulting, advisory and project execution, all on your budget.

Experts can also monetize their knowledge while helping businesses solve their real-world challenges and building a personal brand.

Micro-Consulting is a short-term consulting that focuses on quick, cost-effective consulting and advisory and is suitable for Startups, MSMEs and Mid-size businesses.

Traditional Consulting, on the other hand, takes a lot of time and are extremely expensive, which is only suitable for large corporations.

There are two ways to use Voila Experts:

a) DIY

You can use the Voila Experts app and connect with experts for free. Chatting with experts is free forever. Along with that, your first two video calls with experts are free.

b) Managed Support Service

For those who need little extra help in connecting with experts, or don’t have the bandwidth to dedicate your time. We have got you covered! For a very small fee, we will assign you a dedicated POC and find you the relevant experts according to your needs.

Our proprietory AI algorithm and dedicated Expert onboarding team filter out the best talent in the Industry and make it accessible to everyone. The credentials of each Expert are verified before they are onboarded to the Platform. All Experts on Voila are certified by our team.

Voila’s Managed Support Service is a paid value-added service. 

Once you fill out this form and make the payment, one dedicated POC from Voila Team will be allocated for your support.

You can share your expert requirements with our POC and he/she will connect you with the relevant experts according to your business needs.

Managed Support services also include Startup Investors Connect, specific industry-based queries, and any other queries where you need Voila Team end-to-end support for experts connect and agency services such as virtual CXOs, Hiring and Partnership connection.

Voila Experts are leaders in their domain, with average 12-15 years of experience in the industry across Marketing, Branding, Sales, Product, Technology and Fundraising field, across all industries.

We are a network of Thought leaders, advisors, mentors and consultants who are here to help you solve your business problem in a Systematic, Measurable, Actionable , Relevant and Timely manner.

Besides that, we also provide managed support service to find virtual CXOs, hiring partner support for bulk hiring, and raise funding for your startup

Our primary motive is to ensure that our users are safe while performing any transactions on Voila.

If you choose to move ahead with the DIY approach, you can connect and negotiate with the experts, and pay directly on the app, once the expert generates the invoice.

If you opt for our Managed Support Service, you will have to pay a very small fee online, which will be refunded, if we won’t be able to find and connect you with any relevant expert.

If you are not able to find Experts according to your need, you can use any of the below options:

a) On App:

  • Post a requirement – When you post a requirement, all relevant Experts are notified and they will start reaching out to you once you post the requirement.
  • Ask a question – You can ask a question on the platform. Relevant experts will answer the question and you can choose whom to interact with.

b) Managed Support:

If you don’t have the bandwidth or need a little extra help, you can opt for our managed support service here.

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