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What separates a Startup from an Enterprise?

What defines the success of an SMB?

What is the secret behind year-on-year growth?

The answer is simple: Precise Insight and Correct Advice

However, due to resource crunch, startups or SMBs often can’t afford top-notch professionals for time-to-time advice and consulting, also for getting their critical projects executed. Voila provides an answer and solution to this specific problem.

Voila is India’s only curated aggregator of Industry experts, across verticals, on a single platform, offering advice, consultancy and project execution. All this with transparency, ease and convenience.

Our platform aims to bridge the gap between the knowledge capital-domain expertise and the small business owners who due to scarce resources could never afford to hire the relevant experts. This one of its a kind platform empowers the next visionary startup and business owners with insight, experience, and expertise giving their business the required edge.

Founded by Anjali Bawa in the year 2021. Voila aims to build a startup community by being a one-stop solution for business advice, consulting, and project execution.

Voila wants to ignite a startup fire in the people of India.

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