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Krishnakumar Devnally

Krishnakumar Devnally

Business Expert

Founder and Director - mPower Solutions

Rs 115/minute


A seasoned technology professional with 31 years of experience of which 17 years with leading Telecom & IT bandstand 14 years as an Entrepreneur having founded 3 Startups. Mentoring early stage Startups to build scalable & sustainable business model. Few of the Startups mentored by me got funded recently. On Mentor Panel of Tech Incubators & Atal Innovation Centres. Helping Investors & Investment Bankers with Business Due Diligence of their Target Startups. Helping Educational Institutions create Entrepreneurial culture in their Campuses


Startup Growth Expert
Mentor & Coach
SME Advisor
Business Strategy
Business Growth
Business Development
Business & Technology Due Diligence
Business & Revenue Model
Sales & Marketing
Go To Market
Key Accounts
Client Strategy
Fund Raise


Founder & Director

mPower Solutions

Business Consultant, Mentor & Coach to MSMEs & Startups Helping them create Scalable & Sustainable Business Model Mentor Panel of Incubators, Atal Innovation Centres & Educational Institutions