Connect with Fundraising Experts & Experienced Investors

Pitch deck services for startups looking to scale or raise capital

I am the founder of a Healthcare business. We are a profitable business and building our new product that will help us connect manufacturers directly to retailers.

We are looking to raise some capital to grow quickly. Would you be able to provide us with some pitch deck templates and guidance on how to create an impactful pitch deck that we can share with investors?

What is the worth of my High-tech startup?

I am currently heading operations at a high-tech startup building an advanced AI system like Siri. I wish to find the true value of our business to raise our first round of funding.

Would you be able to help me with our first financial model for our startup so that we can make a stong case for our startup?

Connecting with experienced investors who can invest in my startup

I am the co-founder of a cutting-edge Biotechnology startup that is doing some amazing work in creating a new kidney dialysis technology.

As the work is really capital intensive, we wish to raise our next round of funding. Would you be able to connect us with any experienced investors who can invest in our startup?

Looking for mentors who can help us raise capital for our profitable business

We have been trying to raise capital for our Education business but we been continuously failing due to technicalities.

We are looking for someone who can train and mentor us in all the technicalities and questions that investors generally ask us. Would you be able to help us with a list of questions and how to answer them successfully?