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Need someone to build a web application from scratch to meet our business goals

I am the first, newly appointed VP (Technology) of a Hospital chain. We have 5 hospitals across India and more than 50 doctors.

We are looking for someone who can build a web application for with features such as OPD Consultation booking with our doctors and uploading and retrieving the patient healthcare records. Do you know someone who can help us with that?

Designing an ideal User Engagement flow for your business

We are looking for best practices, processes and flow to increase the user engagement on our B2C FinTech business.

What are some best ways and tools to build a friendly user experience flow that will promote user engagement and convince them to make more favorable transactions on the FinTech platform?

Finding the perfect Product-Market Fit for an MVP

What are some techniques or frameworks you can use to find the product-market fit and future success of an MVP before investing a lot of resources in the business.

Is there a “PMF” framework or tool that can help with Business Modeling, Market Validation, Customer Interviews, Product Development, Customer Acquisition and Product Analytics?

Hiring a Virtual Chief Product Officer to lead the product-led growth

We are looking for someone competent who can give a strategic product direction, including product vision, product innovation, product design, product development, project management, and product marketing.

Can you connect us with someone who can oversee all of our company’s product-related matters on a contractual basis?