Voila Recommendations For Entrepreneurs

Voila Recommendations for Entrepreneurs are a set of lists that our fellow entrepreneurs would enjoy thoroughly and can learn from. These recommendations include Books, Youtube Channels, Podcast Shows, Articles, Newsletters, Documentaries, and even Blogs.


  • Bhaag – Collection of stories of 11 highly motivated student entrepreneurs & their journeys of building successful startups.
  • Connect The Dots– Inspiring stories of 20 entrepreneurs who created their own ventures without having high educational degrees.
  • Steel King: Lakshmi Mittal – The story is about the life, ups and downs and challenging times of Lakshmi Mittal, one of the most successful Indian CEO & businessmen ever.
  • You Can Win – This one is a short and interesting book that covers all the ways to succeed in an easy-to-read, simple-to-follow method.
  • Dream With Your Eyes Open – Recommended by Lenskart Founder Peyush Bansal, this book offers insights into the entrepreneurial world and the journey one has to go through.


  • The Indian Startup Show – Hosted by Neil Patel & Friends this weekly Podcast about Indian startups is informative and entertaining.
  • Matrix Moments – Matrix Moments, by Matrix Partners India, is a podcast series that covers candid conversations on what it takes to survive in an unpredictable startup world.
  • Prime Venture Partners Podcast – The podcasts help entrepreneurs learn common traps & know uncommon strategies & tactics from experts in the startup ecosystem.
  • 100x Entrepreneur – The podcast uncovers insightful conversations from successful entrepreneurs and VCs to help grow your startup 100x.
  • The Home Entrepreneur Show – Here each episode is dedicated to proven & practical tips as well as resources that help to take your startup one step closer to success.

Youtube Channels

  • Behind the brand – Unwinding the top entrepreneurial secrets of successful people ranging from celebrities, artists, and many more who build big brands. A show about entrepreneurs and the tales of their success.
  • Slidebean – Slidebean is not just a youtube channel. It’s an actual startup. Started by Caya, the CEO of Slidebean, the channel covers topics like how to start a business, stock options, raising funds, and managing a team.
  • Robin Sharma – Match your insights with the world’s most recognized and acknowledged humanitarian and upgrade your leadership skills with him.
  • Startup Grind – It is a beautifully woven community built to connect and educate entrepreneurs through conducting events around the globe. Take a sneak peek and see the magic.
  • Intellectual Indies – This channel mainly focused on digital marketing when it started. Since then, they have been sharing power-packed interviews with founders of famous Indian startups such as Nearbuy, Truly Madly, Internshala, Dineout, Goibibo, Cashify, Shiprocket, Clovia, Groww, EaseMyTrip, and more.
  • Voila Experts – We are still in a very nascent stage but we are trying hard to bring valuable content for you, directly from the vetted startup experts.


  • Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates [2019] – A film about successful entrepreneurs that follows Bill Gates as he seeks solutions and strategies to some of the world’s most pressing problems. Gates is attempting to respond to inane, off-topic, adolescent questions and “unbroken inquiry.”
  • Capital C [2014] – Capital C is an intriguing crowdfunding documentary. It tells the story of independent creators’ ambitions, dreams, anxieties, and pitfalls.
  • Elon Musk: The Real-Life Iron Man [2018] – The film promotes perseverance, doing things differently in a higher way, and entrepreneurship, which is not taught in school.
  • Steve Jobs: One Last Thing [2011] – The documentary follows the journey of Steve Jobs, his talents, style, influences, and imagination that led to changing all of our lives.
  • Something Ventured [2011] – Something Ventured explores the story of early investors and entrepreneurs who helped shape Silicon Valley into what it is today.


  • Morning Cybersecurity – Many businesses prioritise the security of sensitive information, and this task will only become more important as big data is becoming more prevalent. Morning Cybersecurity is a daily newsletter that provides cybersecurity insights. 
  • Mattermark Daily – If you want an insider’s perspective on what investors are thinking and why they invest in certain companies then Mattermark daily is the newsletter for you, it’s a daily roundup of the most interesting posts from investors and operators. 
  • SaaS Weekly – Entrepreneur Hiten Shah curates the best material from around the web to assist SaaS entrepreneurs to expand their businesses in SaaS Weekly. He also curates articles on marketing, sales, product creation, content marketing, and other topics, making it a useful resource for entrepreneurs across industries.
  • Seller Labs – This is a fantastic weekly email that comes out every Monday and is jam-packed with new information. 
  • Startup Digest – Start-up Digest is a different kind of newsletter because as the subscriber, you can choose what reading list to subscribe to and whether you want to receive news on a local or global scale, and so on.


  • Copy Blogger – This is one of the greatest start-up blogs and can be your holy grail for learning how to write valuable content that can attract customers, drive traffic, and grow your business.
  • Entrepreneur – Follow this blog and get on board with topics such as innovation, legal issues, branding, human resource management, entrepreneurial lifestyle, branding, productivity, money and finance, and practical tips on how to effectively navigate your business.
  • YourStory – YourStory is India’s one of the most popular online media platforms for entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators.
  • EO Network – Want to stay updated on what’s happening in the global business landscape? Then you definitely should check this blog out
  • Digest myHQ – An India-based blog that provides valuable insights into entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and freelancing. The most unique thing is that they also provide co-working spaces for budding entrepreneurs and freelancers, so come here if you’re just starting off.


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